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Excursion to the Island of Uros and Taquile


We pick you up from your hotel at 6:50 am. The first stop is the Floating Island of LOS UROS where we visit for an hour. Here we learn how the AYMARA people live. They are dedicated to the manufacture of reed rafts and in the construction of the Uros Island from the reeds. Continuing with the tour we will arrive at the island of Taquile at approximately 11:00 am. Here you can appreciate the charm of the island's inhabitants who are famous weavers and their dialect is the Quechua language. They also preserve their ancient customs, and you can visit their unique handicraft shops. Time for lunch and then we will walk towards it to return to Puno at 5:30 pm. Transfer to the hotel.


-Round trip transportation

-Tickets to the island

-English guide

-Boat transportation


Excursion to Uros Island


We pick you up from your hotel at 09:00 am to visit the Floating Islands LOS UROS where the inhabitants are fishermen, hunters and gatherers. They speak Aymara and feed on fish found in the roots of reeds. On the way, don't forget to ride reed rafts. You will return to Puno at 1:00 p.m. Optional take a bus to Copacabana or La Paz 2:00 p.m. bus to Cuzco or Arequipa.
-Round trip transportation
-Entrances to the Island.
-English guide.
-Transport by boat.



DAY 1. We pick you up from your hotel or bus station at 07:45 am. We transfer to a motor boat with bath and terrace for sunbathing during the 30 minutes journey to the floating islands of Uros. During our 1 hour visit to the Aymara people we will appreciate manufacture of reed houses, boats and the building of the Island from the reeds.The reeds are also important for fish breeding and provide food for the Aymara people.Then we will continue to the Amantani Island where you will enjoy accommodation in a family home.There you will be part of the Amantani Island's family. The people from Amantani islands are characterized by reciprocal giving and receiving of gifts- it is recommended for you to bring a small present for the family. For example gifts of around 15 soles in value could be of fruits, vegetables or small warm clothing items, pencils and notebooks for their children. In the house you will enjoy a typical Amantani lunch. In the afternoon we will all meet at the stadium for a 45 minute walk to the Pachamama. Temple where the Amantani people make ceremonial payment to the land and observe the sunset. Then you will return to your family home in the evening for dinner with your host family. After dinner you can attend a welcome with typical dancing and customs.And music from traditional wind instruments.Drinks will be available for purchase.

DAY 2. 7:00 am breakfast at home with host family. At 8:00 am we cross from Amantani to Taquile by boat. On arriving at the port in Taquile we walk for 1 hour to the village in the center of TAQUILE Island. After a rest you will appreciate the charm of the island residents who are famous weavers and speak their dialect of the Quechua language, They also retain their ancestral customs, And youmay visit their unique craft stores. Time for lunch and then we will walk to the port to Puno by 16:00 pm transfer to hotel.


- Round trip transportation

-Entrance to the Islands

-Guide in English

-Transport by boat

-Meals in Amantani

-Accommodation in Amantani.

Sillustani Ruins


We pick you up from your hotel at 2:00 p.m. The bus departure is at 2:30 p.m. where we take a trip of approximately 40 minutes, we take to walk around 1:30 minutes in the sillustani Complex with the guide, it contains the famous CHULLPAS, towers built in stone, some of up to 12 m high. They were used by the Collas and later by the Incas. Lake Umayo, is part of the archaeological site, it only adds to the beauty of the place, especially at sunrise. In the surroundings you can also see some Waru Waru, the artificial earth mounds designed to protect crops from frost and floods. Sillustani is also a good place to observe wild guinea pigs, birds and other wildlife of the high Andes, then we arrive in Puno at 18:00 pm and we each transfer to the hotel.
-Round trip transportation
-Entrance to the archaeological site. -English guide.

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